Rotary Tables

How many times have you had a job that you need the additonal axis? Think of how many hours and how many setups you could have saved by having that additional axis.

Precise Technologies, Inc. offers turn key rotary table installations on most types of equipment. We offer Rotary and Rotary / Tilt applications along with high pressure hydraulics (for fixturing), cable management systems, and Cable repair services. Each interface is custom made for the model of machine that you own.

Our cables are unsurpassed in quality, the cable jackets are made of a special heavy duty polyurethane TPE jacket which provides excellent protection from industrial and environmental abuse. The high quality jacket resists tearing, abrasion, oils , ozone, UV rays, and most chemicals. The conductors are insulated with Tefzel-750 which allows the conductors to flex within the cable and provide one of the most chemical resistant compounds on the market. The conductors are finely stranded and tinned to resist corrosion and make them easy to solder. The pins are tinned, crimped and reheated to ensure a complete bond. The connectors are enviromentally sealed and each connector is sealed with epoxy to ensure the longest life of any cables on the market today.

Whether you are trying to improve your application, buying a new machine, adding more capacity to your shop,we can offer solutions.We will be more than happy to assist you with your needs.